In addition to designing and manufacturing spray booths, Chambre à peinture A. G. inc. can also install and maintain your equipment—all services provided by our competent and seasoned team.


Designed and manufactured? It’s time to install!

Installation of your paint booth includes:

  • Material transport
  • Experienced installers
  • Installation of the booth and its components (pipes, ventilation units, etc.)
  • Finishing and sealing of all surfaces that could have an air gap
  • Implementation and balancing of the air make-up system

Not included in the installation of your paint booth:

  • Roof or wall openings for the drainpipe output
  • Connection of electrical components
  • Gas connection

Note: This work must be executed by an electrician or roofer licenced by the RBQ.

Looking to move your booth or modify it?

We also offer moving and relocation services for existing booths. Our team will handle dismantling your booth, transporting it and then installing it at the new location.

If your paint booth needs have changed, there is no need to replace it—your existing paint booth can be modified. This solution is very cost effective and will improve the efficiency of your operations.

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Think of us for your booth inspection and maintenance needs:

  • Inspection of existing booths
  • Cleaning and maintenance of evacuation pipes, ventilation systems and the booth

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about your project.
Our experts are always on hand to help.

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