Chambre à peinture A. G. inc. has partnered with Groupe Financier Laplante, a leader in the leasing brokerage industry since 1988. This partner uses its expertise to help companies of all sizes (freelance workers, small-, medium- and large-scale companies) find the best financing solutions. Thanks to a large number of transactions, Groupe Financier Laplante can exert enormous negotiating power with more than 10 financial institutions.

Leasing is a quick and easy solution that will make your life easier, as well as save you time and money. Our experience, our commitment and our availability help us to work with you in finding the best solution for your project.

The advantages of leasing

  • Conserves your liquid assets
  • 100% financing* (except in certain cases)
  • Protect your line of credit
  • Protect your loan capacity
  • Potential tax savings
  • Simple and quick process
  • Protect yourself against obsolescence
  • Fixed monthly instalments throughout your loan period
  • Easily integrated into your budget

A flexible product

Companies have a variety of leasing options available. Each option is scaled according to the type of equipment being financed, its utility value, life cycle of the equipment and its residual value.

A valued-added product

Your lease repayments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. There are also some tax and accounting benefits to be had from leasing your equipment—every little bit helps! If you’re ready, contact Lyne Chartier, Partner, Groupe Financier Laplante to open your credit file.

Contact Lyne Chartier, Partner, Groupe Financier Laplante, to make your credit request.

Lyne Chartier,
Director, Corporate Accounts

T.: (514) 754-9150 | 1 800 561-1116 #306 | F.: (514) 666-9122
Email: lyne@creditbaillc.com


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